Shared hosting plans

The availability of several server farm locations to choose from is an advantage provided by just a small number of website hosting merchants on the whole shared site hosting market these days. The Claypoole Group is a medium-scale website hosting corporation, yet it provides a choice of four data centers situated on three separate continents: in the United States of America, in the United Kingdom, in Sweden and in Australia. An additional perquisite of The Claypoole Group is that prior to actually buying anything, they offer you the ability to inspect their top-of-the-line webspace hosting Control Panel. Unlike with various cPanel based site hosting merchandisers on the market, there is a fully working demonstrational version of the multi-select, multi-action, point & click File Manager. Also try the Domain and Email Manager GUIs, as well as the Applications and Website Installer GUIs.

Hosting Overview Business Corporate Mega Starter
Cost Per Month
Web Server Storage Unlimited Unlimited 20 GB Unlimited
Site Bandwidth Unlimited Unlimited 375 GB Unlimited
Domains Hosted 5 Unlimited 20 1
Domain Parking Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Mailboxes 500 Unlimited 500 100
FTPs Unlimited Unlimited 1 Unlimited
1-click Apps Installer
Web Site Installer
Free Top Level Domain Name
Free Website Design Themes
Money Back Guarantee
Service Accessibility